Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Five digital things I could not do without.

Well, it was going to be five photos, but my battery on my camera had a wee die. So I'll update this again when I've got it working. In the mean time, here are Five Digital Things that I have Found to be Essential to my Ongoing Cheerful Existence.

1> My sweet laptop. Sweet as in ridiculously cheap (thanks to my boyfriend for throwing it down some stairs and getting a replacement, giving me the munted one that still works ok if you don't need to use CDs or the headphone jack). My desktop is from KitsuneNoir and made by the artist Thomas Allen takes photos of pulp-fiction book cover cutouts. They are so good.

2> iPod. This is a newish one with the awesome shake-to-shuffle feature which is great when stationary, not so great if you're dancing around and it shuffles mid-song.

3> Card reader. Seriously, this is one of the best purchases I have EVER MADE. EVER. It comes in handy all the time and turns my mega 4GB compact flash cards into USB sticks when I need to haul data from place to place.

4> Scanner that I bought online for cheaps. It's USB powered and very slim so storing it is a breeze. If you've ever thought about getting one, but thought it'd be too 'spensy, you should keep an eye on the scanners section on trademe. All I'm saying.

5> External Hard Drive. I take a lot of photos in RAW, as well as having done a very computer centric design degree meaning that this puppy is full to exploding with all kinds of creative digital jizz. It needs a clean out and I need to get it a new friend to take on some of the new stuff I want to make and the overflow from my laptop which is starting to get mighty congested.

My digital SLR camera. Ooh baby, you're so good. I'm so glad I got insurance on your predecessor so that when it was stolen, I got you (because point and shoot just doesn't cut the mustard as effectively).

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