Tuesday, June 9, 2009

online presence task

How to be online? and successfully so? Hmm. I already am quite substantially online. Here is how:

thesneakyspoon.blogspot.com - this is my real and true blog that I have had running since the beginning of last year. In it, I post examples of my work, rants about things I like or dislike, things I have seen recently that interest me. I intend to make it ALOT more about my work, and have been contemplating uploading sketches and doodles to it on a more regular basis. (here)

flickr.com - I've had a pro account here for a few years now, and while I lack the massive amounts of time needed to be a true part of the flickr community, I am within the fringes of it, and have made some new and interesting contacts thanks to the social networking side of the site. (here)

gigposters.com - I make a number of posters around town, and all the ones I'm not ashamed of are on here. There are quite a few now. (here)

veer.com - I have a portfolio of covers that I made for critic on here, it was even one of the featured portfolios for the site which was quite exciting. I'd like to make some more portfolios on this site, but it won't let me... something to figure out later. (here)

facebook, myspace, bebo - I have profiles on all of these, but only actively use facebook - my myspace days are behind me, and I never really got into bebo. (here, here, and here)

twitter - still getting my head around this and around ways I can use it to promote myself. I really hate people who use twitter to constantly bang on about themselves so we'll see how long I last as a user. (here)

Ways to improve this presence:

WEBSITE: This is an off in the future option - maybe at the end of the year when I have time to sift through my work, talk to a mate who knows CSS, and have time myself to design it how I'd like. Ultimately, I'd intend for it to be a portfolio site with links to all my other online bits and bobs - a hub if you will, with my blog tied to it.

FLICKRFOLIOS: I can't wait for this baby to come online - in the short term, it'll reduce any crushing needs to get an online portfolio going.

EMAILING COOL BLOGS: to hype my shit if I've got cool shit to hype.

PARTICIPATING: in more online competitions like threadless' t-shirt design competitions, designboom comps, that kind of crap. Exposing myself I suppose.

Shit I am never going to do:
DeviantArt. It's just too emo for me to handle. Way too emo.

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